Old Log Cabin Bourbon whiskey

Tasting Notes

First whiffs offer burnt orange, dry vanilla bean and candied spice, followed by a secondary waft of lightly toasted cereal grains and ripened stone fruit.

A delightful blend of subtle spice from the sustainably grown dryland rye and the smooth sweetness of American-grown corn are complemented by toffee and hazelnut from our high-malted barley mash bill.

Points of Distinction

How we do anything is how we do everything. Beyond chemistry, we aim to express the heritage of American whiskey making and the personality of the ingredients nature gives us. A singular commitment to quality with consistency elevates the end product.

  • Sourcing premium grains and carefully selected botanicals
  • Precise cuts during distillation when separating heads, hearts and tails
  • Longstanding relationships with specialty botanical suppliers
  • Bourbon whiskey aged in new American Oak barrels with a minimum of 18-months of seasoning
  • Continuous learning with an open mind while maintaining our time-honored traditions

66% Corn | 20% Malted Barley | 14% Rye

Slow reduction 94 proof | 47% ALC./VOL.

New American Oak

Ben oversees distillation and sales of all spirits made at Old Log Cabin Distillery. A knack for distilling came naturally to Ben, given a family proclivity for the craft that spans three generations. Ten years behind the bar and in Seattle’s beloved eateries put him in touch with locals’ palettes and preferences. That closeness to customers, combined with his technical strengths, catapulted Ben’s creativity.

He joined the Old Log Cabin team following the successful launch, growth and eventual sale of Big Gin. His timing aligned with the American Craft Spirits revival around 2010, when small distilleries were popping up all over the country, with Washington state leading the charge. Big Gin’s big day came in November of 2014 in London where the Bourbon Barreled Big Gin was crowned “Best in Category” at the International Wine and Spirits Competition. Given his exceptional track record, we are lucky to have him at the helm of our operations.