Old Log Cabin History

1800's – A Natural Crowd Pleaser

This bourbon whiskey brand’s roots reach deep into American history, back to 1840, when E.G. Booz – a young man of 16 at the time – made his first batch of liquid goodness demanded by a thirsty community.

He delivered the booze, a category-defining term named after E.G. himself, in signature cabin-shaped bottles made in amber, green, aqua and clear versions at the glassworks next door.

Poured generously at whistle stop tours of politicians, Old Cabin, as it was called back then, became so popular that many other American distilleries began appropriating the brand and making their own versions under the same name.

1900's – Prohibition & Beyond

During prohibition (1920-1933), the brand was made in Canada and became a favorite import of bootleggers, especially Al Capone’s infamous smuggling operations.

As consumer tastes and product distribution methods evolved, the identity and message for the brand shifted. “Old Cabin” became “Old Log Cabin” and a series of packaging designs were introduced.

2000's – American Craft Spirits Revival

Batch 206 acquires the trademark and reintroduces Old Log Cabin to a new generation of fans in 2012.

Old Log Cabin Distillery is born on the eve of an ownership transition in 2022, with reverence for E.G. Booz’s legendary status and full embrace of the brand’s rich heritage, primed for the next generation.

Today, Old Log Cabin carries the cultural resonance of American ingenuity across three centuries. We remain committed to producing hand-crafted, small-batch bourbon whiskey in the founding tradition. Our aim is to make the art of gathering feel special. Raising a toast sparks social connections no matter the venue.